February 23, 2013

When you guest blog

Have you ever had the opportunity to guest blog for another writer?  If so, you know it's a win-win situation.  Guest bloggers may help enlighten other writers (with the extra bonus of promoting their work) while the host's blog may be visited by more people.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are invited to write a post:

1.  Understand what the host requires in terms of subject matter.  Stay focused on that topic.  If you have another subject you'd like to write about other than the one the host has suggested, check with her first to see if she is open to your new idea.

2.  Know the expected word count.  Try to keep within the expected range.  The host is counting on you to provide what she has specified.

3.  Send the post in a timely manner.  For my blog, I like to receive the guest post at least five days in advance.  Sometimes, guest blogs need revision, so be polite and give the host time to edit your work.

4.  Review your guest blog several times after you've written it and before you send it.  Occasionally, I will receive a blog that looks like the guest writer simply jotted the first thing that came to mind and sent it for me to publish.  It's exasperating to receive a guest blog that has grammatical mistakes and lacks clarity.

Guest blogs score big with audiences when they are educational and inspirational.  That's easy to accomplish when you're passionate about your writing.  Throw in a well-written, nicely edited piece and your host will take notice.  If you impress her with your writing, she's likely to invite you to guest blog for her again.

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