May 20, 2013

DitzAbled Princess

The Children's Writer's World invites Jewel Kats to share the inspiration behind her new book.

Everything starts off as an idea.


Webcomics are no different.

There’s a tale behind the popular reality-series webcomic, “DitzAbled Princess,” and graphic novel that features the same “cast” of characters.  This story involves inspiration, needs, and wants.
Here’s the back story…

I’ve always been a comic strip junkie. I can’t run anymore, but I’ll grab the funny pages faster than you can blink. As a kid, I spent hours reading Archie comics as an in-patient at The Hospital for Sick Children. I reached for “Betty and Veronica Double Digests” during my bout with anorexia and depression. I turned to comics during my divorce. In short, comics have given me the will to live at times.

Now, the idea for “DitzAbled Princess” came during a happy time in my life. (Thankfully, this period has lasted!) I was engaged to my second husband, Alan, when the idea struck. Our conversation has almost become legendary.

It goes like this…
“You’re always reading ‘Betty and Veronica Double Digests’,” Alan once said. “You’re such a funny character in real life. Why don’t you try writing a comic strip?”

These three sentences changed my life.

I never told him this, but I immediately knew that I wanted to write about the present. Sadness hung over me for so long, and I wanted to finally record my joys. I also knew women like me—chicks with disabilities—failed to appear in the mainstream comic strip market. I wanted to change that. Pronto. 

Confession: I just never knew that “DitzAbled Princess” would take off this way.

I attribute the success of “DitzAbled Princess” to the lacking presence of a female comic character with physical disabilities. The fact that “DitzAbled Princess” is a reality-series webcomic based on real everyday people only heightens its appeal. (Who doesn’t want to be a guilt-free peeping Tom?)

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. It really boggles my mind why this has never been done before. C’mon it’s 2013! People with disabilities have existed since the beginning of humankind. It’s about time someone included a “DitzAbled Princess” strip in their lineup.

Our webcomic publisher,, has taken a lead. Our graphic novel publisher, Marvelous Spirit Press, is playing its vital part.  Now, it’s YOUR turn to be a pioneer, and take in the world of “DitzAbled Princess.”

Remember, everything starts off as an idea.


Webcomic and graphic novel reading is no different.   


  1. Thank you for hosting Jewel on your blog and letting her share about her new book.

    1. My pleasure. I hope Jewel will consider contributing to the Children's Writer's World again.