January 15, 2016

The KIT 2nd Annual Spring Contest

Last spring, Kid’s Imagination Train sponsored its first writing contest.  Because we had a nice response and received many creative submissions, we are offering another writing contest which is open to new and established writers.  

All you have to do is simply write a poem or a story about spring.  The deadline is March 15, 2016.  The prize is one hundred dollars.  You can find the contest guidelines on our homepage:   www.kidsimaginationtrain.com.   

Still deciding whether to enter?  As mentioned before on this blog, entering a contest gets your work in front of an editor.  It helps you meet deadlines.  It tests whether you can follow the writer's guidelines.  In addition, entering a contest gives you the opportunity to have your work published and then read by thousands of viewers.  

So…start thinking about those warm spring days.  See if it puts you in the mood to create a piece for the KIT Spring 2016 contest.

Coming Feb.1st: a post on "The Power of No."  

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