Spring Fling Contest 2021



 By Randi Lynn Mrvos

 150 words


Edmund hunts for his baseball mitt.

"I'm having a bad day," he says.

Even a cup of lemonade doesn't make him smile.

All is not lost. Go to the end of the story, read from the bottom up, four lines.

Frieda  joins Edmund. 

The two pretend they are pirates seeking a treasure of gold.  

Frieda and Edmund search all around, up and down, and every inch of ground.

But the mitt and the bat are nowhere to be found. 

The sun waves goodbye to the vaulted violet sky.     

“Want to look tomorrow?” asks Frieda.

Edmund says, “Sure thing.”   

Frieda and Edmund clink cups of lemonade.

And do you know what?

It wasn’t such a bad day after all.


You say this sounds familiar? Go to the middle of the story.

A cup of lemonade doesn’t make her smile.   

“I’m having a bad day,” she says.  

Frieda hunts for her bat.    

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Mr. Hacket said...

Clever approach to this story. I like your creativity!