September 10, 2012

Saying Farewell to SFC

Stories for Children magazine closed its doors last month.  The news hit me hard because I had been part of the magazine for five years.  Before becoming an editor, I submitted nonfiction articles to the magazine.  A team of professional editors worked with me to make my pieces acceptable for publication.  It was thrilling to see my articles online. 

But just as I was growing as a writer, Editor Virginia S. Grenier decided to close the magazine.  Suddenly, the rug was pulled from my feet.  I felt lost.  During this time, I continued to write and to submit to tougher markets—sometimes successful, sometimes not.

Some years later while reading the SCBWI discussion boards, I read about the re-opening of SFC.  I was especially excited to read that Virginia was in need of editors, so I sent her a brief email. Three days later, I was awarded assistant nonfiction editor.  In this job, I made sure that the submissions met our needs before sending them on to the nonfiction editor.  For several months, everything was going smoothly until the nonfiction editor decided to leave her position.   

This presented a problem.  Virginia asked me if I'd be interested in taking the position. Assuming more responsibility made me nervous, but I accepted knowing that Virginia was no more than a phone call or email away.  I loved reading the submissions, making suggestions for revisions, and moving submissions on one step closer to publication.  But little did I know this wonderful job would not last.  A little under two years, Virginia needed to close SFC magazine again.  In a phone call, she shared why she needed to make this tough decision. 

I’ll miss working as an editor for the magazine, conferring with my efficient and lovable assistant Irene Roth, and seeing people reach their dream of publication.  But I do believe that one day, SFC just may open again, when the stars align themselves.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the SFC contributors and the SFC staff.  Stories for Children magazine was a beautifully produced publication.  I can honestly say, it has touched the lives of many and it will be greatly missed.

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