September 24, 2012

Mary Kole's Webinar and PW Article

I'm always searching for helpful articles and writing classes.  Here is a recent article and an upcoming webinar that may help you in your writing.  

Literary Agent Mary Kole is presenting a MG and YA Intensive Writer's Digest webinar coming up Thursday, October 25th at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Here's what Mary says:  Middle grade and young adult novels are the hottest markets in children's books today. If you want to write novels for child readers ages 9 - 12 (middle grade) or 13+ (young adult), there are tips and tricks that you need to know before you can break in. The middle grade and teen novels market is so specific—if you want to succeed, that is. This entire 90-minute session will be devoted to this kid-lit craft. 

This webinar is for all of your teen novelists out there, and it comes with the benefits of the lecture, the Q&A, and a writing sample critique as well. This should dovetail nicely with the publication of my book, WRITING IRRESISTIBLE KIDLIT.  Register for the webinar here.

So, you think you're ready to publish?  Check out this article from Publishers Weekly: 

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