November 5, 2012

A Book Review: When My Baby Dreams

After the birth of her daughter Mila, Adele Enersen began a blog of whimsical baby photos to share with her friends and family. Now her blog is enjoyed by millions of admirers around the world:  The photographs of Mila became the inspiration for Adele's first book 
When My Baby Dreams:

Mila can be anything.  She's a bookworm with a long puffy cotton tail (surrounded by books, of course); she’s a bee in a gauzy white flower; she’s a butterfly with wings in a silky garden.  In her dreams, she rides a blue denim elephant and journeys on top of a pink silk dragon. Her dreams take her everywhere—she even travels to outer space and floats back to earth with balloons.

I loved this book and believe you will, too.  Adele's creativity will amaze you.  Take your time as you read this gorgeous picture book.  Linger on each page.  Join Mila and savor the stunning details of each exquisite, wildly imaginative dreamscape.

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