May 27, 2013

Little Glitches

Recently, I searched for a graduation card that I had squirreled away.  With graduation fast approaching, I wanted to wrap my daughter's gift and add the card.  But the card was nowhere to be found.  I searched the  basket where cards are always kept.  I rifled through the stack three times, but without any luck.  The card had disappeared.  I was crushed. No other one would do.  It was after all, the perfect card.

This little glitch was ruining my day.  I questioned why this had happened.  Finally, after realizing that complaining about it wasn't going to help me find it, I accepted the fact that losing the card was meant to be.  The solution:  to drive back to Target with the hope that an identical card would still be available.  Since I was hell-bent on finding the exact card, I dashed out that very day to buy one.  While I rushed out, I decided I would make the most of my time.  I'd run two errands: one to Target and the other to Macy’s, located just a few minutes away.
"Look out world. Here you come!"

Luckily I found the exact same graduation card.  Perfect!  Amazing!  Unbelievable!  Then I drove over to Macy’s to make a return.  On my way out, I noticed the shoe saleslady who frequently waits on me.  Over time we had gotten to know each other. On the occasions that she fitted me for shoes, she'd often talk about her son's health.  So before rushing back to my car, I stopped to ask about him. She shared with me that he would be needing major surgery soon.  I listened quietly as she described what would be involved.  Before leaving, I told her I’d keep him in my prayers and for this, she hugged and thanked me.

I firmly believe things happen for a reason.  When the graduation card was lost, it put me on the path to connect with an acquaintance who needed some support.  I adopt this belief to my writing as well.  When I get a rejection I try to remember this was meant to be.  I tell myself to consider editing my work or to start searching for another market.  Rejections are little glitches, that if I let them, can ruin my day.  But when I remember there’s probably a good reason for a rejection, then I can move on and focus on what is supposed to happen because of it.

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