January 18, 2015

The Five Senses

My daughter attends Wake Forest.  One of the many nice perks for parents is receiving an email called The Daily Deac.  Betsy Chapman writes every day about activities on campus, updates on construction projects, and opportunities and special events for students.  She offers reflections and questions for conversations with our Deacs. 

One of my favorite posts is called the “Five senses.”  In these posts, Betsy describes what she is experiencing on campus.  With distance separating us from our scholars, this post helps parents to connect with what our students may be sensing, too. 

I like this post so much, that once a month I plan to add my version to Children’s Writer’s World. Dear readers, here are the five senses from my desk in front of a window as I sit down to write.

I smell: 
—my husband’s lunch of spaghetti and marinara sauce   

I hear:
—the mail truck’s engine rumbling  
—the microwave humming 
—silverware clinking on a plate
—Ollie meowing for food

I taste
—Seattle’s Best dark roast coffee sweetened with a bit of sugar

I feel
—the warmth of my coffee mug
—the smooth surface of the desk 

I see: 
—an oak tree with curled brown leaves waving in the breeze 
—the blue sky warm with sunshine and streaked with veils of clouds  
—a man bundled up and jogging down the sidewalk with a dog

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