May 1, 2016

Writing on the Left Side of Your Brain

Admit it.  Sometimes you don't feel like writing.  No worries.  We all feel this way from time to time. 

Perhaps you're distracted by something that is weighing on your mind.  Maybe you've had a nasty interaction with a relative, or a neighbor, or even a stranger.  Maybe there is an overwhelming problem at work or a social situation that you want no part of.  No matter the reason, being consumed with a negative circumstance drowns your creativity.  You may find it difficult to find focus.  You want to write, know you should write, but you are not interested in writing. You can’t engage the right side of your brain, the part of your brain responsible for being creative and artistic.  

Don’t despair.  You can get some writing in by using the left side of your brain.  The left side of the brain is used for analytical and logical tasks.  Here's some things that you can do:

Write query letters
Write in a journal
Compose a blog entry
Respond to emails
Edit some of your work
Make a list of your writing goals
Make a list of books you want to read
Study the writer's markets
Update your social media profile

After you’ve used the left side of your brain for a while, you may realize how productive you’ve been.  You haven’t had time to think about any negative situation.  In fact, your problems may have diminished (or you at least know how to tackle them.)  You may even discover you are less distracted.  Using the left side may renew your focus so that you are able to concentrate better.  You may feel more energized and quite possibly in the mood to create with the right side of your brain.    

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