December 15, 2017

Get to Know KIT

Most of my followers know that I’m the editor of Kid’s Imagination Train.  I am fortunate to have people on the staff who understand the vision and value of KIT.  

Book reviewer Donna Smith, voiceover talent Sharon Blumberg, and illustrator Shelley Dieterich donate their talents to produce Kid's Imagination Train. Regina Montana recently joined the staff as our marketing promoter. Because Shelley and Donna will be pursuing other interests next year, Anjali Amit will become our new book reviewer and illustrator Denise Woodward will be creating art for KIT.

KIT began as a blog in 2013.  Oh my goodness, how we have grown!  In a couple of years we earned a little income to purchase a domain.  Not long after, we found Youblisher, a website which generates free page-turning flipbooks.  We also have an audio page where children may listen to their favorite features. 

There are two reasons why Kid’s Imagination Train was created:  one, to give writers a place to get published since the children’s magazine market was shrinking, and two, to inspire children to learn by giving them the opportunity to illustrate a story or an article and have their pictures published online.  Over four years, KIT has given children educational and entertaining features which can be read in the classroom or at home.  It has also given writers a way to build their bios.

KIT is a free online magazine.  It's a small publication that is funded through donations and advertising.  

Since the inception of our little magazine, no one on our staff earns a salary.  Not many people are willing to work for free for so long. I admire the talents of Shelley, Donna, and Sharon, and welcome Regina, Anjali, and Denise.  I'm so proud of our staff.  These special people are dedicated and believe in the value of KIT.   

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