July 22, 2013

Thank you

Two simple words—thank you—carry a lot of weight.  Writers should use them often. How often do you thank someone? 

Here are some (and of course there are many more) occasions in which writers can put those two words to work:    

*when a friend agrees to critique your work
*when people tell you they like your blog or writing
*when a publisher sends you a complementary copy
*when a writer guest blogs for you   
*when a follower leaves a comment for your blog
*when an expert offers to review your work
*when an expert agrees to an interview 
*when an editor has accepted a piece for publication
*when an editor has rejected a piece, but has offered ways to revise
*when an agent provides feedback on a manuscript

These two simple words cost nothing, I repeat, nothing.  So use them sincerely and often. Know that when you say “thanks,” you have brightened someone else’s day.

Image courtesy: Clipart

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